FX and CFD margin trading

Make your money work harder with low margin requirements

Trading with margin

Use leverage to get the most out of your trades with margin.

With an Forex & CFD account at Questrade, you can trade currency pairs as well as stock, commodity and index contracts for difference (CFDs).

Margin requirements

The margin requirement for an FX or CFD position is based on the real time value of your position (in the currency of the account). It’s the amount required to open and maintain a position.

Margin call

If your equity balance drops below your account’s total margin requirement (you have negative maintenance excess), a margin call will be issued for your account. Questrade will give you the opportunity to satisfy the deficiency on a best effort basis. However, Questrade may liquidate or close your positions if you fail to comply with the terms of the margin call, including, in some cases, without notifying you first. The terms of a margin call are determined at the discretion of Questrade.

Currency pair CAD margin rate USD margin rate
AUD/CAD 3% 5.0%
AUD/CHF 6% 6%
AUD/JPY 6% 6%
AUD/NZD 6% 6%
AUD/USD 5.0% 3%
CAD/CHF 3% 5.0%
CAD/JPY 3% 5.0%
CHF/JPY 6% 6%
EUR/ AUD 6% 6%
EUR/CAD 3% 5.0%
EUR/CHF 6% 6%
EUR/CZK 13% 13%
EUR/DKK 13% 13%
EUR/GBP 6% 6%
EUR/HUF 13% 13%
EUR/JPY 6% 6%
EUR/NOK 6% 6%
EUR/NZD 6% 6%
EUR/PLN 13% 13%
EUR/SEK 6% 6%
EUR/TRY 28% 28%
EUR/USD 5.0% 3%
GBP/AUD 6% 6%
GBP/CAD 3% 5.0%
GBP/CHF 6% 6%
GBP/JPY 6% 6%
GBP/NZD 6% 6%
GBP/USD 5.0% 3%
NZD/CAD 3% 5.0%
NZD/CHF 6% 6%
NZD/JPY 6% 6%
NZD/USD 5.0% 3%
SGD/JPY 13% 13%
USD/CAD 2.0% 2.0%
USD/CHF 5.0% 3%
USD/CNH 27.0% 25%
USD/CZK 12.0% 10%
USD/DKK 12.0% 10%
USD/HKD 12.0% 10%
USD/HUF 12.0% 10%
USD/JPY 5.0% 3%
USD/MXN 5.0% 3%
USD/NOK 5.0% 3%
USD/PLN 12.0% 10%
USD/RUB 27.0% 25%
USD/SEK 5.0% 3%
USD/SGD 12.0% 10%
USD/TRY 27.0% 25%
USD/ZAR 27.0% 25%
ZAR/JPY 28% 28%
XAU/USD 22.0% 20%
XAU/GBP 23% 23%
XAU/EUR 23% 23%
XAU/CHF 23% 23%
XAU/JPY 23% 23%
XAU/AUD 23% 23%
XAG/USD 22.0% 20%
Index Tracker Margin Rate
Gold 4.50%
Silver 9.00%
Platinum 7.00%
Palladium 9.50%
US Copper 5.50%
WTI US Crude 9.00%
Brent UK Crude 10.00%
Heating Oil 7.00%
Gasoline US 9.50%
Gas Oil 7.50%
US Natural Gas 13.50%
CO2 Emissions 17.00%
Corn 8.00%
Wheat 7.00%
Soybeans 4.50%
NY Sugar No. 11 8.50%
NY Coffee 11.00%
NY Cocoa 10.00%
Cotton 8.00%
Live Cattle 5.50%
Index Tracker Margin Rate
US 30 Wall Street 4.50%
US 500/SPX500 4.50%
US Tech 100 NAS/NAS100 5.50%
Belgium 20 15.00%
Denmark 20 15.00%
EU Stocks 50/ESTX50 15.00%
France 40 15.00%
Germany 30 15.00%
Germany Mid-Cap 50 15.00%
Germany Tech 30 15.00%
Italy 40 15.00%
Netherlands 25 15.00%
Norway 25 15.00%
Portugal 20 15.00%
South Africa 40 15.00%
Spain 35 15.00%
Sweden 30 15.00%
Switzerland 20 15.00%
UK 100 15.00%
UK Mid 250 15.00%
Australia 200 15.00%
Japan 225 15.00%
Hong Kong 40 15.00%
Region Margin rate as low as
Canada 15%
US 20%
Europe 50%
Asia 50%
Australia 50%

Full transparency in our fees

We have nothing to hide—so we give you all the information you need to understand what’s happening in your account and on your invoice.

Calculating margin

The margin requirement is dynamic and updates in real time. You can view the margin requirement of a specific FX or CFD instrument on the trade ticket or by clicking Account, and then navigating to Trading Conditions on the menu and searching a specific instrument. The margin utilisation bar at the bottom of the trading platform indicates the percentage of your cash balance reserved for your margin positions.

Margin call

If your margin utilisation exceeds 100%, your account is in a margin call. To meet your margin call you need to deposit funds into your account and/or close positions. Your platform will display pop-up messages when your margin utilisation reaches 100% and 150% to remind you of your margin call.

Automatic liquidation threshold procedure

When your margin use increases past a certain threshold, Questrade will automatically liquidate your positions. This will occur automatically regardless whether you have been notified of the margin call or are waiting for your deposit to be completed into your account to satisfy the margin call. There may also be other market conditions that also require us to immediately close positions to satisfy the margin call.

If your margin utilisation exceeds 200% or your account remains in a margin call for 120 consecutive trading hours (5 consecutive trading days), all of your open positions will be closed.

Associated risks

Trading FX & CFDs on margin carries a high degree of risk because it allows you to speculate on currencies, commodities and indices on a highly leveraged basis. Before trading FX & CFDs, we strongly recommend you read more about leverage and risk.

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What is a spread?

A spread is the difference between the bid (price someone is willing to buy at) and the ask (price someone is willing to sell at).

Are there any inactivity fees when trading FX & CFDs?

No, there are no inactivity fees on Forex and CFD accounts.

Does Questrade trade against me?

Questrade is a non-market marker trading FX and CFDs. While other brokers trade against your positions to generate a profit, we will never do that.